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About Craig

Name: Craig Riley

Age: 35

Nationality: British

Country of Birth: Zimbabwe

Currently Based: Liverpool

Work Ethics

For 8 years I have been helping businesses generate new leads from the internet. The techniques that I use to get results for my clients have changed with the search engine algorithms.

Today, the results I am getting for my clients are brilliant. Not only are we getting the most exposure online for my clients but also my clients are getting a greater number of inbound leads.

“The world of SEO is changing and if you do not adapt then your business will fade away…”

Over the years, I have personally learnt something very important and it reflects in the way I do business with people.

Everything I do is to better the lives of the individuals who trust me to improve their business online. This is reflected in the websites that I develop for my clients.

Living Life

When I am not working behind a computer screen I am spending time with my beautiful girlfriend Kirsten.

I am an avid sportsman and I do love keeping myself fit and healthy.

My favourite sport is Waterpolo and followed closely is rugby.

One of my greatest personal glories was coaching the Zimbabwe u15 Waterpolo team.  For me, it was the giving back and passing my knowledge of the game to the young players.

Digital Nomad

For a number of years, Kirsten and I have been moving around the world and experiencing weird and wonderful cultures.

We both have the luxury that we work online and it does give us the freedom to move.

Travelling and the work that I do works hand in hand. I am always contactable and my clients understand that me and my team and always working to enhance their websites.

I would like to thank you for looking around my website. I do hope you find some answers to questions you may have.

If you would like to find out more about the pre-ranked websites that I offer to my clients, visit Local SEO’d Websites page. You will find all the information about the service, results of some of the websites.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

All the best.

Craig Riley

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