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Local SEO Service

Get instant results with no long-term contracts with a pre-ranked website!

What I do in a nutshell:

I build and rank websites based on your keywords in the locations that your business covers. When the website is ranking, I place your website on top of my website so that customers see your website when they visit my link from the search engines. 

That might sound confusing, here is an image to help you understand the service that I offer local businesses.

Why my websites rank so well?

As you might know, Google is constantly changing its’ algorithm and to achieve high rankings, your website needs to fit what Google is looking for.

I build evolving websites which means the websites are constantly changing when they are crawled by Google. Google is always seeing new content on my websites and because of that, they rank very well in the search results.

I build siloed websites and every page and post are interlinked which allows Google and other search engines to crawl the website very easily. This increases the number of pages that are indexed into the search results.

Fun Fact:

[su_quote]99% of the websites that I build for my clients have 100’s of pages appearing at the top of Google for a variety of keywords.[/su_quote]

What is a website overlay?

An overlay is a process of laying your website on top of another website.

This is done using a very technical piece of software that has been designed based on Google’s guidelines.

Local SEO - Out The Box Thinking

Why use my service rather than an SEO agency?

** For many years, I owned a successful SEO agency that offered a variety of SEO services for all types of websites. 

How SEO agencies work

An SEO agency will work directly on your website. They will work on your On-Site SEO and also provide Off-Site SEO services to get your website ranking.

Generally, to get a website to rank in the search engines takes between 3-6 months. This depends on your niche, competition and their SEO skill level.

A good SEO agency will charge anything from £1500 and upwards and you pay this from the moment you start working together.

Generally, an SEO Agency will optimise your website for 3-5 keywords in your main location.

My local SEO service

Our-SEO-Service-LocationsThe way that I work is very different.

We discuss the needs of your business and what you are looking to get out of your online marketing.

I will research your industry, the keywords that customers area searching for online and also the locations that you want to be seen.

Once we are both happy with the keywords and locations, I will begin working on your website and indexation into the search engines.

When the website is ranking in Google (usually 5-10 days) I will contact you and go through the current results in the search engines.

Only when you are happy with the results, do we overlay your website and you begin paying for the service.

Risk-free rankings

One of the biggest risks with SEO is getting penalised by Google.

A Google penalty can happen because the website is being optimised using grey or black hat SEO techniques.

By using my pre-ranked websites, you can rest assured that your website will never get penalised by bad SEO techniques.

No long-term contracts

I am so confident in the service that I offer local businesses that there are no long-term SEO contracts.

All agreements are monthly contracts (monthly rolling).

If you are not happy with the service you are receiving, you can cancel anytime.

I hope all the information above makes sense and you can see the benefit of using one of my websites to generate new leads for your business.

Have a look at the Available Websites page to see if we have a website that is already built, indexed and getting visitors from the search engines that fits your business.

Contact me directly to discuss building a bespoke website for your business.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business online.

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