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For years businesses have only ever built their business 1 website but why?

There are no laws against having multiple websites for your business in the search engines. You are well within your rights to target multiple keywords or the same keywords with multiple websites.

Google and other search engines are marketing avenues used to generate leads for your business.

So why not take advantage of the internet?

Option 1: Multiple websites for your business

You can create and build multiple branded websites that all direct to your business.

These websites are built to the same spec as your main business website and will require:

  • Logo
  • Unique content
  • Unique images
  • Unique design

When a customer visits this website they are seeing a beautifully designed website offering them the information that they are looking for…

This does take more work but the outcome is great.

Option 2: Supporting websites

You have invested a lot into your business website, hired a great website designer and have created quality content that benefits your customers.

The best option to get more market share in the search engines is to build supporting websites for your main business website.

The supporting website is built to be found for a variety of keywords that customers would search for in Google and other search engines but instead of creating a brand new website (eg: Option 1). Instead, your business website is placed on top of the supporting website.


When the supporting website is indexed and is appearing for your keywords in the search engines and a customer clicks on a link to the supporting website from Google search. The website will open up and they will see your business website.

You now have multiple domains in the search engines that direct customers to your business website.

Market Share in Google

Google Local SEO

We know that Google displays 10 organic websites per page and normally your website will display 1 website link, sometimes 2 depending on the content.

By having multiple domains in the search results you are increasing the chance of customers visiting your website.

If you have multiple websites in the top 5 positions of the search results you will click through rate which will increase your ROI.

Google organic click through rate

  • Position 1: 31%
  • Position 2: 14%
  • Position 3: 10%
  • Position 4: 7%
  • Position 5: 6%
  • Position 6 – 10: 4%


As you can see, customers visit websites in the top 5 positions of Google. To capitalise and get the majority of the search engine traffic you need to have supporting websites for your business.

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