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The problem with SEO agencies is they focus their efforts on a limited number of keywords only.

I am sure you would have seen this before when looking at SEO Agencies websites. The agency will optimise your website for 5-10 keywords for a monthly retainer.

5-10 keywords ONLY!!!

There are tools that are available to everyone to do keyword research. When you do a search for a keyword you get back 100’s of variations of keywords that people are searching for in the search engines.

So my question to business owners… Why settle for only 5-10 keywords when you can have hundreds?

Why my clients are generating so many new leads

When I build a website, I break down the coverage area that I am focusing on and look at the inner locations rather than just the main location.

Let me give you an example…

I have many clients in London and instead of focusing on all the keywords with London in them eg: plumbers London or Lawyers in London. I look at the inner locations as well.

Within London, there are 266 suburbs or areas eg: Mayfair, Wimbledon, Heathrow etc.

I know for a fact that customers do searches using these inner locations eg: plumbers Wimbledon or lawyers Heathrow and they do this because they want a local business.

So every website that I build, I look at the main locations and also the smaller cities, towns and also suburbs and incorporate them into the website build as this allows my clients 100% exposure.

Also, each location we will target on average 15 keywords per location.

Here is a simple math equation:

  • 50 locations website
  • 15 main keywords per location
  • 750 keywords that customer can find your business online

We know that not every customer is the same

Every person is different and each person will search for the same service but in a different way, so why not cover yourself and your business by having maximum exposure online?

Here is an example with a single location:

  • Kitchen Fitters Liverpool
  • Bespoke Kitchen Installation Liverpool
  • Custom Kitchen Company Liverpool

Those are all different search terms but they are all looking for the same business.

Are you Sure?

I know this does sound over the top but everything that I am telling you is real.

Send me an email and let’s arrange a time to speak or at least exchange emails and I can show you examples and fully explain this service that I provide customers just like you.

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