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Are you looking for a new website for your business or looking to redesign your company website?

You have come to the right place.

For many years I have been building and creating websites for businesses all over the world and in that time I have gotten quite good at it.

You can view some of the websites that I have done on my website portfolio page

About my WordPress web design service

  • All sites use WordPress.org CMS
  • I offer full hosting packages on my personal servers
  • I offer tailored one off designs for every customer
  • No two websites are ever built the same
  • All websites are built with customers experience in mind
  • All websites are designed to index into the search engines
  • Social Media channels are linked to your website
  • Communicate with your throughout the whole build.

100% Complete Website Design

custom Website DesignThroughout every website design, there is always changes to the original website that was originally thought out and this is because of new ideas that both parties will think up during the build process.

This is great with me as I want the very best website to be designed for my clients.

[su_quote]I am always open to new ideas during the design process, so keep your ideas coming!!![/su_quote]

Basically, you will get a website for your business that you are happy with, ranks in the search engines and works as a marketing tool for your business!

Your Website is A Marketing Tool

The reason for having a website is to generate you leads from the internet. It is a marketing tool that allows potential clients to decide to use your company rather than another local business.

It is a marketing tool that allows potential clients to decide to use your company rather than another local business.

All the websites that I build for my clients are built with the search engines in mind. Each page is built with the idea of it appearing in the search engines for specific keywords.

The term “SEO Friendly” is commonly used to describe this service.

The idea that it is a bonus is beyond me, why is it not standard for a website designer to build a website that rankings in Google and other search engines?

Contact Craig

Brand new website or a redesign, which ever you are looking for I can assist. Get in touch and let’s assess what the best way to create and update your site.

Tel: 07453 166 827

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